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News Flash!

Ultrasonic Stain Cleaner

USC 002

Ultrasonic Stain Cleaner

--Ultrasonic Stain Cleaner--

How to use

Use 4 new AA alkaline batteries. Test if the red light is on, when pressing the button. If it doesn't turn on please replace the batteries. Fill the Ultrasonic Stain cleaner with 75% liquid detergent and 25% water. Shake well, and you are ready to use it.

For your convenience the ultrasonic stain cleaner includes two mini carry on containers wich will make it easy to refill. You can take it with you anywhere. If you have a stain, you should spray wherever you have the stain. Submerge the area where the stain is located in about 1/2 inch of water. Then Press the button on the stain cleaner, and make sure the red light is on during the process.

With the tip of the ultrasonic stain cleaner, you smoothly rub it over the stain, and it will remove the stain instantly, like magic.


Right click here and select "Save target as" to Download these Instructions in a .TXT file


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